Greenlytes 12 Watts LED Solar Parking Light Review

Greenlytes 12 Watts LED Solar Parking Light features stylish look, professional lightweight and compact design in addition to extraordinary lighting performance. This all-in-one solar street light comprises of highly efficient solar panel, dusk to dawn sensor, infrared motion sensor, charge controller, high capacity rechargeable lithium battery pack and 48 ultra-bright LEDs.

This 12 Watts led solar street light is extremely robust and versatile solar light. It is ideal for all kinds of weather conditions. Being packed with 48 ultra-bright LEDs yielding 1200 lumens (equal to 140-150 watts electric halogen lamp) it will find its place anywhere bright and reliable lighting is needed. This self-contained solar parking light gives up extra lighting within no time.

With no assembly required, the installation process is simple and easy. Just 4 bolts are needed to be tightened onto a pole.

The unit is also mountable on external walls or any flat surface. It is installable within a few minutes. No connection or trenching to the electric grid is required. Thus, Greenlytes all-in-one LED parking light is ideal for new installations or retrofitting old electric powered light fixtures.

LED Solar Parking LightThis affordable LED solar street light is built to suit many lighting projects and can be easily adapted to an extensive array of applications.

Greenlytes 12 watts LED solar parking lot light is appropriate for usage in camps, military base, airfields, gardens, villas, farms, campuses, schools, docks, parking lots, parks, squares, industrial areas, private roads and at any places where reliable, affordable and bright lighting is required. The good thing about it is that no power source or cabling is needed. Just mount the light on a post or wall and get automatic and bright lighting at night.

All day long the highly powerful solar panel takes energy from the sun and stores it to the built-in 26.4Ah lithium battery. At evening, the solar parking light gets automatically switched on, giving up eight hours of bright lighting. As soon as eight hours get lapsed, the LEDs get switched OFF. Again they will get switched back to full power when any movement is detected. This system allows for substantial power saving and longer running time.

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Greenlytes 12 Watts LED Solar Parking Light can be used for

  • Security lighting
  • Small Roads
  • Parks
  • Camping
  • Pathways
  • Parking lots
  • Area lighting
  • Gardens

Included with the LED solar street light

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation manual
  • 12 watt solar powered street light with 14.5 watts solar panel and 48 LED
  • 26.4Ah built in Lithium battery


  • Mount on  3″ – 4″ poles or walls
  • Distance between poles 26~32 ft
  • Installation height 13~19 ft.
  • Temperature range -25 to 65 ºC
  • Weight 17 lbs
  • Dimensions 30.82 x 8.93 x 1.73 inch
  • Over charge / discharge protection
  • 26.4Ah built-in rechargeable Lithium battery
  • 14.5 Watts solar panel
  • 120 degree illumination angle
  • 2~3 days lighting even during rainy days
  • 8 hours light time
  • Dusk to dawn infrared motion sensor
  • Color temperature: 4500K~6500K
  • 1200 lumens and 300 lumens
  • 48 High-power LED
  • All-in-one aluminum alloy casing

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Final thoughts

I really like this small and compact LED solar light. The smooth alluminum finish is really pleasing to the eyes. The installation is easy and can be done in no time as long as you already have a pole setup. I also like the wall mounting option which allows to mount it on any flush surface. Brightness generated by the 48 ultra-bright LEDs is quite impressive.

Greenlytes Commercial Solar Flood Light 336 LED Review

Greenlytes Commercial Solar Flood Light 336 LED is an extremely powerful multipurpose solar light. This very robust and versatile solar lighting kit comprises of a powerful floodlight, a separate solar panel and a high-capacity rechargeable battery housed in a sealed waterproof container.

For maximum mounting flexibility, the three components are linked by 10 feet wires ended with waterproof connectors. This exceptionally bright LED solar flood light allows the user to save power while making sure that the desired places and objects are effectively lit. For accurate aiming the heavy-duty and weatherproof floodlight head is adjustable.

Greenlytes commercial solar flood light works with a solar panel and a rechargeable battery which takes in energy during the day to fire up the 336 LED at night, making it a sustainable choice for sign lighting.

This LED solar flood light is also designed with durability in mind. The die-cast aluminium case and tempered glass protect the LEDs from impacts and water. The flood light is weatherproof and able to withstand all type of weather conditions.

Greenlytes Commercial Grade Solar Flood Light 336 LEDGreenlytes commercial solar flood light yields a whopping 1880 lumens, which can be compared with the brightness generated by a 400 watts incandescent lamp. In addition, an aluminum reflector located behind the LEDs amplifies the output of the flood light. It is able of covering a 55ft. X 55ft. area. This powerful solar powered flood light will fit in any project in need of a high brightness and low maintenance lighting solution.
This commercial grade LED solar floodlight has a built-in light sensor which allows for automatic dusk to dawn operation. It starts operating automatically in the evening and gets shut down in the morning. With a full charge it provides light to whatever you need for 10-12 hours straight. If the weather turns bad, the battery will proffer backup power for 2 to 3 nights.

Greenlytes commercial solar flood light is fit with and over charge /discharge protection circuit. Apart from this, an automatic voltage detection circuit takes control of the brightness of the LEDs to allow maximum running time.

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Greenlytes commercial solar flood light 336 LED can be used for

  • Billboards
  • Security lighting
  • Camping areas
  • Sport fields
  • Horse arena lighting
  • Disaster areas
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Driveways
  • Flagpole lighting
  • Accent lighting for buildings, monuments and trees,
  • Solar sign light for residential and commercial

Included with the solar powered flood light

  • Battery box
  • 12 volt/38Ah sealed lead acid battery
  • 18 volts/40 watts solar panel
  • Flood light with 336 ultra-bright LED
  • Installation manual


  • Voltage detection circuit takes control of the brightness of the light for conservation of energy
  • With regard to construction, it has tempered glass sealed lens, cast-aluminum casing
  • Light output is 1880 lumens
  • Photocell (dusk till dawn running)
  • Panel output is 18 Volts-40 Watts
  • Battery sealed lead-acid 12 Volts-38A/h
  •  Light time is Up to 10-12 hours
  •  Over charge or discharge protection

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Final thoughts

This 336 LED Commercial Solar Flood Light is different from many other outdoor solar lights. Whether one likes to make use of if for illuminating parking lots, commercial signs, billboards or for public area lighting and security, one should be sure that this is one of the most appropriate solar flood lights. It is versatile enough to be used for pathway tracks, monuments, backyards, buildings, commercial signs etc.

Polepal Solar Flagpole Light Review

The Polepal Solar Flagpole Light features 3 solar spot lights, with four 10mm ultra-bright LEDs each. 420 lux in total is generated by the LED spot lights. The innovative design allows for 360 degrees of flag illumination. This solar flagpole lights features a dusk to dawn sensor and will switch on by itself from evening till morning. This kit is available with 3 extension tubes which allow mounting the 3 spotlights few inches away from the flagpole to make sure that the flag is illuminated properly. As far as tall flagpoles are concerned, you are suggested to mount the flag light 4 to 5 feet from ground level and fasten an extension tube to each arm.

The solar flag light unit can be used as uplight for illumination of a flag or downlight to beautifully display a flower bed below. The Polepal solar lighting kit can be used in different configurations, i.e. On wall, deck, ground, pole or any combination involved therein. Polepal Solar Flagpole KitIf one LED solar spot lights is enough to provide adequate illumination to your flag, then the remainder spotlights can be installed in the backyard or just along a path.

They are also mountable on a deck or a wall for illumination of your house or any outdoor features. Wall mounting hardware and ground stakes are also included. Polepal solar flag light is absolutely maintenance-free and appropriate for residential and commercial applications such as flower beds, pathways, gardens, flag poles main entrances and sign lighting etc.

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Polepal solar flagpole light can be used for

  • Flagpoles
  • Flower beds
  • Pathway
  • Garden
  • Entrance light

Included with the solar light for flagpole

  • 3 solar spot lights
  • A three arm PolePal fixture for fastening the lights to the flagpole
  • 1 to 1 inch flagpole spacer and 1to 1/2 inch flagpole spacer
  • 1 Deck/wall mount
  • 3 Ground stakes
  • 3 Extension pole union adapters
  • 6 Extension poles
  • 3 Ultra-bright solar powered spot lights


  • 3 x 1.2 volt 1500 mAh batteries per spot light
  • Each solar panel 280 mAh
  • 420 lux
  • Four 10mm LEDs in every spotlight

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Final thoughts PolePal solar flag Light provides a cost effective solution which is environment friendly and appropriate for most flag lighting applications. It is the ideal add-on to complement any flagpole. Assembling, mounting and adjusting the spot lights may take some time but the results are worth the efforts.

Greenlytes 64 LED Solar Parking Lot Light Review

Greenlytes 64 LED Solar Parking Lot Light provides affordable and original area lighting for camping grounds, caravanning sites, driveways, patios, gardens, parks, garages, parking lots and alleys. It also offers an easy, clean and safe solution to get good security lighting in the gloomiest areas.

This affordable and efficient 5 watts LED solar powered parking lot light is available in two options:

  1. HECSML-5 will get switched on as soon as the motion sensor catches movement and will completely turn off one minute after motion stops.
  2. HECSSL-M will stay lit through the night but will switch to higher intensity as soon as motion is detected in the area which is covered by the infrared sensor.

This 5 watts LED solar parking lot light is an all-in-one unit which contains 64 SMD LED bulbs, a powerful 7 watts solar panel, rechargeable lithium battery, charge controller, dusk to dawn photocell and an infrared motion sensor. All parts mix together into a beautifully made commercial solar security light with extraordinary lighting quality. This perfectly sealed self-contained unit makes a perfect set’n and forget solar light. Its great design makes it ideal for both commercial and residential use.

64 LED Solar Parking Lot LightThis commercial grade solar motion lamp operates in a seamless manner in all types of weather. It has been made to endure high winds, cloudy days, cold and heavy rains. The LEDs turn on automatically at night and remain in dim mode as long as no vehicle or people are accessing the infrared sensor device. When motion is detected in the area, the light switches to bright high-power mode that corresponds to the illumination of a 75-100 watts electric bulb. When the area becomes peaceful again, the LEDs get back to dim power which equals the brightness of a 40-50 watt regular incandescent bulb. This useful feature is intended to make the Greenlytes 64 LED solar parking lot light very energy saving for trouble free and continuous operation.

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Greenlytes 64 LED solar parking lot light can be used for

  • Security lighting
  • Small Roads
  • Parks
  • Camping sites
  • Pathways
  • Area lighting
  • Alleys
  • Gardens
  • Parking lot lighting

Included with the solar powered parking light

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Mounting hardware
  • installation manual
  • 3Ah built in Lithium battery
  • 5 watt LED light with built-in solar panel


  • 64 High-power SMD LEDs – Total 5 watts
  • 4500K~6500K color temperature
  • 400 lumens bright mode and 200 lumens dim mode
  • 3Ah Lithium rechargeable battery pack
  • 7 W solar panel
  • Over charge / discharge protection
  • 10 hours lighting time on a completely charged battery
  • Automatic lighting from evening to wee hours of morning and infrared sensor
  • 10m x 10m (33ft x 33ft) Illumination area
  • 120 degree illumination angle
  • Recommended pole diameter 3″ (pole not included). Can be wall mounted
  • Recommended distance between poles 6~8 M (20~27 ft.)
  • Recommended installation height 2~4 M (7~13 ft.)
  • Operating temperature range -25 to 65 ºC (-13 to 149 ºF)
  • Weight 1.8kg (4lbs)
  • Dimensions 32cm x 24cm x 55cm (12.5″ x 9″ x 2″)
  • Dust proof, rust proof and weather resistant

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Final thoughts

Greenlytes 64 LED solar parking lot light is the perfect solution for security and area lighting. Despite its very affordable price it is a reliable and easy to install commercial solar light which is suitable in any kind of outdoor operation. If you really want the peace of mind of an all-in-one weatherproof and bright LED solar light, this small and compact solar street light is just meant for you.